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About Security Smarts

Every day when we step out of home, we leave with a lot of uncertainties on our mind. Even when on the road, we keep on thinking about whether we have missed something like switching the gas off, turning the lights off, locking the door properly and many such things. Same is the case with our office premise e.g. has the last person switched off all the lights, what if someone tries to break and so many more. All these only makes us feel the need of someone to watch over constantly, to make sure these worries are off our life.

At Security Smarts, we provide our customers with this very assurance with our state-of-the-art security products. We have been providing satisfactory services to our New Orleans, LA customers for many years now. We take care of both home and office with products for interactive home security, surveillance, burglary detection, business automation, access control and others for Home Security & Business Security.

Security Smarts also has Home Automation products like garage door openers, smart locks, smart lightings, smart scheduling, voice control and others. Moreover, we provide Home Theatre solutions too, for our customers in the New Orleans, LA service area. Our products are sourced from the industry leaders like Alarm.com and Qolsys, who have earned themselves a respectable position on customers’ minds. Therefore, you can confidently rely on our products appointed for the job of your security.

The team of technicians and other service providers at Security Smarts has decades of experience and the required skill sets to perform their job right. Added to that, we are ready at your service on a 24/7/365 basis along with our emergency support services. Contact us online or call us today at 504-294-3538 to have a free estimate for your home or office in New Orleans, LA.