Voice Control

Voice Control by Security Smarts in New Orleans, LA

Command to control your entire home by simply speaking through the home automation’s voice control system, for voice control has, indeed, arrived! That’s right. Security Smarts has brought a voice control system for our customers in New Orleans, LA.

Enjoy controlling your home with your GoogleHome app and simple voice commands! Connecting your home security systems with GoogleHome is as easy as a child’s play! Any android 6.0 smartphone, and higher, can control the Qolsys & Alarm.com patented devices used by Security Smarts to serve the customers with smart home automation service.

Benefits of Voice Control by Security Smarts

Home Automation itself makes life easier and Security Smarts has taken it a notch up by integrating Voice Control in the home automation system. Now, you can enjoy total control over your home’s various appliances just by sitting in one place or even lying down in bed, if you’re connected with the app. Our home automation’s voice control system lets you operate the followings:

Features of Voice Control System

Features of Voice Control System in New Orleans, LA

GoogleHome has made our life so much more convenient that Security Smarts decided to utilize it furthermore with the voice control system for home automation. The features of our voice control system are:

  • Select your Google assistant-enabled device
  • Select your Home Security Device
  • Connect your security device to GoogleHome

Why Choose Security Smarts?

1. Dedication to Seamless Connection

Security Smarts can communicate under any unavoidable circumstances, whether you are disconnected from your phone or there is a power outage with no internet.

2. 24/7 Non-stop Services

Security Smarts keeps you informed about your property premise at all times. We are not confined to providing the common traditional system where you are notified only when there is an emergency.

Call us at 504-294-3538 or contact us to get a free inspection & quotation today, for availing our Home Automation services in the New Orleans, LA area.