Water Detection

Water Detection Services in New Orleans, LA

Security Smarts has brought water detection services for its New Orleans, LA customers. We totally understand the hassle you have to go through when a mishap occurs due to water leakage. More often than not, taking care of leakage takes so much time that the damage is done by then. Therefore, Security Smarts believe in prevention by thorough analysis and automatic shutdown while protecting 24/7.

Water damage is more common than most people realize. With advanced water flow analytics, Security Smarts just got smarter. Our water detection system helps you monitor water usage in real-time to reduce your risk of water damage while also making your home automation more efficient.

Water Detection Services by Security Smarts

The Security Smarts Water Detection system features smart home water sensors, a valve controller, a central hub, and a mobile app. These components talk to each other to protect your home and keep you in control – wherever you are. Our services include:

Water Flow Analytics

Monitor and control water activity in the home with Security Smarts’ water monitoring system. Track daily, weekly, and monthly water usage in real-time.

Water Detection Services
Water Detection

True 24/7 Protection

No Wi-Fi, no power, no problem.

Security Smarts operates off a smart home protocol with battery backup that functions and protects even when power and Wi-Fi are down.

Automatic 5 Second Shut Off

Knowing you have a leak in your home is good, knowing where the leak came from is great, but automatic water shut off in 5 seconds or less is even better. Strategically placed Security Smarts Sensors for water detection can do this for you.

Working Process of Water Detection by Security Smarts

Working Process of Water Detection

Install your valve

The Security Smarts valve controller is installed onto your existing water main, allowing for the water to your house to be shut off the moment a leak occurs.

Connect your hub

The Security Smarts Hub bridges the gap between the leak sensors and valve controller, allowing the components to communicate with each other.

Position your water sensors

Place your smart water sensor anywhere that there’s a chance of a leak occurring.

Extend your leak protection

Whether you need to expand leak protection in your home or detect water in a hard to reach the area, SensXtend has you covered.

Why Choose Security Smarts?

1. Dedication to Seamless Connection

Security Smarts can communicate under any unavoidable circumstances, whether you are disconnected from your phone or there is a power outage with no internet.

2. 24/7 Non-stop Services

Security Smarts keeps you informed about your property premise at all times. We are not confined to providing the common traditional system where you are notified only when there is an emergency.

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