Interactive  Security

Interactive Home Security in New Orleans, LA

The lights, locks, doors, thermostats, appliances, and cameras i.e. the Z-wave devices installed at your residence can be controlled and monitored from one single source with the facilities of an Interactive Home Security, be you at home or away. At Security Smarts, we provide interactive home security to our users within the New Orleans, LA area.

Adding a Z-wave interface module in the smart home security system will allow the homeowner, manage a wide range of automation devices via the Virtual Keypad on their cell phones, or the Virtual Keypad Browser on computers having access to the internet.

Devices for an Interactive Home Security System in New Orleans, LA

It’s not words or empty promises that make a user trust such technology with the security of their property, practical evidence i.e. trust put in by other users makes a solid decision-making process for someone who is new to Security Smarts. That is why, we too, put our trust in the best in the market., Qolsys patented devices included in our Interactive Home Security System are:

Facilities of Interactive Home Security’s Virtual Keypad

Facilities of Interactive Home Security
  • Arm/Disarm the system and check system status
  • Receive push notifications and view the history of alarm events, arming/disarming and troubles
  • False-alarm reduction, prompting users with “Is This A False Alarm?” when they receive an alarm alert, allowing them immediately to confirm or cancel the alarm
  • View live video and still images from up to six cameras
  • Control all Z-wave devices, including thermostats, lights, locks, appliances, garage doors and more
  • Create a closed group that control multiple Z-Wave devices with a single tap
  • Create actions, allowing you to associate members of the closed group to activate specific events
  • Take a picture of a room or area and add hotspots to control pictured devices
  • Mobile device acts as a point of reference for geo-fencing functions
  • Add, delete, edit system users and user profiles

Why Choose Security Smarts?

1. Dedication to Seamless Connection

Security Smarts can communicate under any unavoidable circumstances, whether you are disconnected from your phone or there is a power outage with no internet.

2. 24/7 Non-stop Services

Security Smarts keeps you informed about your property premise at all times. We are not confined to providing the common traditional system where you are notified only when there is an emergency.

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